Notes on a haunting cover
Notes on a Haunting
Author: Isa Shirokawa
Publication date: January 2021
Publisher: Genji & Co.
Format: ebook
ISBN: 978-1-922555-04-5
Pages: 391
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5.0 rating

When Japanese- American writer Eri Amada escapes her life in the US and arrives in Tokyo, she discovers that she needs a place to lie low and regroup. Her options are limited until she meets quirky realtor Miyamoto, who suggests something against his better judgment: renting a so-called stigmatized property, which is Tokyo-code for a haunted house.

Eri is amused, intrigued, and openminded enough to rent the house, especially when she learns that the house belonged to her literary idol, the iconic, tragic Japanese novelist Ryutaro Saito.

Gently drawn into the mysteries surrounding Ryutaro Saito’s life, Eri is mesmerized by the house and by the truth behind the man she comes to know more than a decade after his life came to a sudden end.

Surreal, spiritual, philosophical and haunting, this stunning work of imagination is an elegant mystery as well as a profound meditation on the blurred lines between truth and perception, public images and private lives, love and loneliness…


"What can I say about this novel? It’s got incredible heart and it’s so imaginative. It made me think so much about life. It’s been a long time since I loved a new book so much."
Gina C.

"Totally surreal, genuine, sad, uplifting, absolutely philosophical. It’s the best ghost story I’ve ever read and it’s so evocative. In a word, this book is astonishing."
James W.

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