Our Buddhist Notebook is a passion project by one of our founders. Here, you will find weekly entries that explore a rich philosophical tradition that encourages us to develop and practice so many of the qualities we need today. From empathy and mindfulness to deeper social questions and Buddhist parables, you are sure to discover bright, insightful writing that makes you think about the most pressing issues of our time, such as climate change and equality, in refreshingly new ways.

“The King of a Thousand Quails helps to get me through an endless news cycle that feels like a constant loop of empty promises, empty noise, and relentlessly bad news. Let me explain: usually, when things become overwhelming, I read. I tend to turn to philosophy when things start to look particularly bleak, and lately, I have been turning more than ever before to Buddhist writing and teaching. An integral part of Buddhist philosophy is contained in the Jataka stories, or the tales of the Buddha’s many past lives. Think of them as Buddhist parables or fables: small tales with a governing philosophy and a practical moral. The King of a Thousand Quails is a fable about effective, empathetic, intelligent leadership. It certainly makes me think about what we need at times like these: leaders who put their people above all else, and lead with honesty, without serving their own ego. The message in this story is universal and ultimately optimistic. At least, it is to me, especially during a year that is difficult for so many, which is why I choose to share it as the first entry in my Buddhist Notebook.”
Isabella Arensen, October, 2020.

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