The Very Thought Of You Cover
The Very Thought of You
Author: Eva Melder
Publication date: January 2021
Publisher: Genji & Co.
Format: ebook
ISBN: 978-1-922555-03-8
Pages: 200
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5.0 rating

What if someone you never met, someone who lived on the other side of the world, was the only person for you?

This is the dilemma faced by Ryan in New York and Vanessa in Sydney, when they “meet” by accident during a time of uncertainty, lockdowns and closed borders in the year of the pandemic: 2020.

The world of haute cuisine for which obsessive, perfectionist superstar chef and restauranteur Ryan lives and breathes is at a complete standstill: he lives in New York, the epicentre of the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020.

On the other side of the planet, in quiet Sydney, Australia, introverted economist Vanessa faces total lockdown and cancelled plans as all the borders around her begin shutting down – the virus, and the world, must be kept out of Australia at all costs.

Of course, there’s a catch: Vanessa’s dream trip to New York was meant to end in a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at Ryan’s exclusive restaurant in Upper Midtown. This trip will never happen, but Ryan and Vanessa find an unexpected way to meet.

In a year that won’t allow anyone to go anywhere, where will these two passionate foodies go from here?

The Very Thought of You is a story of love in an impossible climate; a story that makes you wonder whether real love is an act of both faith and fate…


"So relatable! This is a book about all of us and about the times we’re living in right now. It couldn’t be more relevant, or more hopeful."
Delia K.

"Perfect lockdown reading – a lockdown love story with all the gorgeous food and beautiful writing you could ask for. It also makes you think a lot about how you’re living your own life – great book!"
Victoria A.

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