The Crossing - Volume 1 Book cover
The Crossing – Volume I
Author: Owen Tournier
Publication date: January 2021
Publisher: Genji & Co.
Format: ebook
ISBN: 978-1-922555-01-4
Pages: 376
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5.0 rating

This is the real world. This is America. In this America, there are massive prison complexes that house non-citizens. This America has been at war with itself for years. Inside the notorious prison camp called Area-79, Resistance fighter Jacob Young and prisoner Zara Martel are both noticed and saved by Doctor Patrick Bishop; but for what purpose?

As the government of the new United Continent shows interest in Jacob Young, Zara's name is added to a list of prisoners bound for the former North Carolina - a place of no return. On the United Continent, survival is a luxury reserved for the True-Born, and if Zara and Jacob are to survive, they must learn how to form new alliances and hide their fear, but there is no way to save them both.

Who will make the crossing?


Beautifully written dystopia resonates strongly with the real world.
Paul N.

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