Katsushima Volume I: The Man Who Sold The World
Katsushima – Volume 1: The Man Who Sold The World
Author: Isa Shirokawa
Publication date: January 2021
Publisher: Genji & Co.
Format: ebook
ISBN:  978-1-922555-06-9
Pages: 136
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5.0 rating

When the Pacific Ocean began to rise, only one man had a solution: Jun Katsumoto, the architect of the incredible artificial island chain of Katsushima. The reclusive billionaire tycoon saved countless lives, only to be brutally assassinated along with his family.

Legends have grown up around Jun Katsumoto. The people he saved live on the one hundred artificial islands of Katsushima and try to recreate their old lives as best they can; but they are all living in the shadow of the Hive, an organized crime syndicate turning Katsumoto’s utopia into a subtle dystopia where no one can rest in peace.

The first volume in a stunning new series, Katsushima: The Man Who Sold the World is manga reimagined and finely tuned.

Intensely felt, breathtakingly envisioned and poetically rendered, Katsushima: The Man Who Sold the World is an intriguing interpretation of an old artform, telling a gritty, mysterious, redemptive tale.

Enter Katsushima; but beware of the Hive…



“This is a suspenseful, slow-burning thriller with a great hook and a cool premise – they call it Manga 2.0 and they’re right – it’s a sophisticated, cinematic take on the manga form. It’s surprising, atmospheric, and this is only the first volume – many more to come, apparently!”
Aidan C.

“Really eerie, moving, and it makes you think. It’s also a real page-turner. Loved it.”
Natalie E.

“Brilliant from beginning to end – so cool, can’t praise it enough, and can’t wait for the next volumes.”
Mark W.

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